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Aluminum-plastic Blister packing machinery
Sachet packing machinery
Liquid filling and packing machine


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Product description

1. The frame design structure is reasonable, the operation height is reasonable, the floor area is small, and the space and structure are convenient for cleaning.

2. The transmission shaft and gear drive of the transmission system are driven by servo motor or frequency conversion motor, with low noise, easy maintenance, simple environmental protection and more accurate control.

3. The adjustment range of product chain and material chain is large. Within a certain range, direct adjustment can meet the production requirements.

4. Use the gantry robot to grab the materials and pack them, and the work is accurate and stable.

5. The product conveying chain can be designed according to the actual material form and can be connected with a variety of feeding machines.

6. It can automatically place the cardboard and instructions.

7. Complete the upper and lower automatic sealing tape of the carton in a small space.

8. Synchronous conveying device can ensure the integrity of cartons in the packaging process and ensure the appearance of cartons.

9. The back end of the equipment can be connected with automatic packing machine, corner labeling machine and other equipment.

10. Control system:

◎The main electrical components adopt Schneider brand to ensure the high speed and stability of the control system;

◎The function buttons of human-computer interface are arranged and combined optimally, which can show the functions more intuitively;

◎High speed motion controller or programmable controller;

◎Canopeng bus communication, strong anti-interference, fast transmission speed.