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Liaoning Chunguang Pharmaceutical Equipment Corp.Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise and a leading enterprise in China's pharmaceutical equipment industry, was founded in 1999. Now it has developed into a group company with a total area of 50000 square meters, more than 300 employees, and successfully listed on the new third board on September 6, 2016.

For many years, Chunguang group has been deeply engaged in the fields of medicine, food, health care products and daily chemical products, exploring a sustainable development strategy in the field of packaging equipment. The company's main business is packaging machinery, pharmaceutical machinery and other advanced equipment, six series of packaging equipment, including aluminum plastic blister packaging machine series, multi row bag packaging machine series, liquid blow filling automatic molding filling machine series, full-automatic cartoning machine series, linkage production line series between various models and robot intelligent application series (including destacking, palletizing, packing and three-dimensional warehouse, MES Intelligent application of control system, etc.) and so on. The product has realized the full coverage of three preparation packaging series products: solid preparation, liquid preparation and particle preparation. The functions of online real-time intelligent detection and elimination, network communication system, etc. are adopted to form the modular and flexible connection of three preparation inner packaging equipment and cartoning machine, unpacking machine, robot stacking, and even three-dimensional storage Finally, the whole production unit intelligent linkage packaging production line will be formed; the application of PDM, intelligent manufacturing data center and other diversified big data management will be effectively integrated with the automation and informatization of products to realize the full life cycle management of products; the quality standardization assurance system of 9001 and fat products will run through the processes of parts processing, assembly, debugging and acceptance. To achieve customized high-end equipment products for customers, to meet customers' one-stop purchasing needs and services, and to become the "intelligent pharmaceutical equipment service solution expert" in the field of packaging After 20 years of continuous development, Chunguang Group strives to provide customers with the best service. Through efficient and accurate personalized product and service solutions, regular customer return visit service mechanism and equipped with professional debugging personnel to solve the product intelligent manufacturing transformation, demand and service upgrading required by customers. A good working environment and equity incentive mechanism ensure the interests of employees. The excellent performance management mode and regular employee training meeting improve the awareness of product quality assurance, and realize the efficient cooperation of employees and effective operation of the enterprise. Green production, to achieve environmental protection and life health; the introduction of Schneider, FESTO and other international high-end brands supporting use, and constantly optimize the technical performance of products, to achieve high intelligent products to create social wealth, and truly realize the social and self-worth of Chunguang group.

Our company has a strong independent R & D advantage and a team of professional talents, and has set up a provincial enterprise technology center. The R & D personnel and R & D investment account for more than 10% of the total number of employees and business income. It has nearly 30 patent technologies, including 14 national invention patents. It has won the titles of national, provincial and municipal intellectual property rights, intelligent manufacturing and advanced enterprise of integration of industrialization and industrialization. The "Chunguang" trademark and "Chunguang products" have been rated as famous trademarks and famous brand products of Liaoning Province. Won a number of provincial and municipal science and technology progress first and second prizes; reached "high tech R & D strategic cooperation" with Shenyang Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and successfully completed major science and technology projects in Liaoning Province; jointly established "intelligent pharmaceutical equipment research institute" with Liaoning University of technology, forming a production, learning and research body, providing sustainable power for Chunguang group in the field of pharmaceutical equipment in China.

"Integrity based on innovation" business philosophy, Chunguang group has been built into a well-known brand at home and abroad. Chunguang group takes high-end pharmaceutical enterprises as its strategic customers, and its products are widely used in more than 80% of domestic famous pharmaceutical enterprises, such as Sanjiu group, sunflower pharmaceutical, Guoyao group, Yunnan Baiyao, Lunan pharmaceutical, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Renfu group, Baiyunshan, Tianshili, Tongrentang, etc.; Chunguang group, based on international development, sells its products to the United States, Canada and Russia, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Egypt, Brazil and other five continents have more than 60 countries and regions; among them, Pfizer, Bayer, Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever and other international famous pharmaceutical companies all use the first-class packaging solutions provided by Chunguang. Chunguang's products are attracting more and more attention and appreciation from customers all over the world, and it has developed into a leading international packaging equipment supplier.

Jinzhou Youhe Color Printing Corp.,Ltd., which is now controlled by Chunguang group, has realized the green production mode without emission and residue by adopting the world's advanced solventless composite process. The purpose is to provide customers with high-quality aluminum foil / composite film new environmental protection packaging materials at the front of packaging. Chunguang Group Shenyang Junbang technology provides customers with high-end intelligent products such as robot system integration, intelligent storage, industrial software, etc. Nowadays, Chunguang has developed into a group enterprise with the whole industrial chain structure and compound development, which mainly focuses on pharmaceutical packaging equipment, supplemented by intelligent R & D and pharmaceutical packaging material industry.

"Integrity based on innovation" is Chunguang people's never-ending pursuit. Shouldering the mission of "meet customer needs and create a happy life for Chunguang people", we are striving to move forward towards the vision of "being a world-class enterprise and brand of pharmaceutical equipment" made in China 2025 In line with the faith of constantly surpassing and the mind of embracing all rivers, Chunguang group will surely make a hundred achievements and have unlimited Chunguang!